About ISC
About India Fest

An epic social and cultural center, as a premier and apex organization amongst the registered Indian associations in Abu Dhabi, Indian Social and Culture Center reaches out and unites the various communities in India. A genesis that started in 1967 from the Unity Club due to a vision of pioneering Indians who wanted to bring together the Indian community to share a unified vision of developing social and cultural activities to create a link to the cultural roots and memories of the homeland they had left. With the benevolence and magnanimity of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the father of the United Arab Emirates, The Unity Club has been transformed into India Social and Cultural Centre, a new identity in serving the Indian community. Located in Abu Dhabi, the emerging land of opportunities, ISC has grown strength to strength and has become a home away from home for the Indian Diaspora, serving the community and reaching out to the location region as hub for promoting a wide range of social, cultural, literary, educational and recreational activities.

India Fest is a signature event of ISC, a celebration of family, fiesta, music and food. Celebrating the various cultural diversity of India of music, entertainment, arts, there is a promise of visual celebration of colors and music that will touch the soul. India Fest has the patronage of the Indian Embassy, high profiled business members of the Social Club and Embassies from different Arab and Asian countries. The festival features entertainment, culinary delights depicting the ethnic beauty, culture and heritage of various Asian and Arab countries. India Fest is a cross bridge uniting Arab and Asian culture under a single unified celebration of family, fiesta and food! A 3 day family fiesta showcasing various businesses, arts, cultural genesis, culinary delights, musical renditions, regional and international musicians and is an educational cultural journey wherein each year we showcase different aspects of the social and cultural scene, a celebration of life and people! The fun does not just stop there but in all the three days, visitors have a chance to win various prizes from an Automobile, gold coins and other valuable prizes every single day! Be part of this visual treat, wherein your senses would be enthralled in this 3 day fiesta as we celebrate nations, cultures and individuals. India Fest is a celebration of cultures and lives, wherein people connect to their roots and bridge with others in celebration of life and living.